8th APEI Senior Officials Meeting

The 8th APEI Senior Officials Meeting was hosted by Government of Zambia and was held from 28th February to 01st March, 2019 at the World Bank Office in Lusaka, Zambia. The meeting of APEI Senior Officials was organized with support from the World Bank. The meeting focused on: 

  •     The Regional Business Plan
  •     Progress Report on implementation of APEI Action Matrix
  •     Presentation by ACP TradeCOM2 on support to APEI.
  •     Coordination Mechanism for APEI
  •     Signature of Mutual Recognition Agreement between the Competent Authorities of Professional Accountants and Auditors

Start time: 28 February 2019      9.00 a.m – 16.30 p.m

End Time: 01 March 2019       9.00 a.m  – 16.30 p.m 

Download Signed Mutual Recognition Agreement between Competent Authorities for Professional Accountants and Auditors

The first meeting of Competent Authorities of Professional Accountants and Auditors also took place on 1st March 2019 just after the Senior Officials Meeting in Lusaka, Zambia and was sponsored by the Commonwealth Secretariat.


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